Who says great design can't be for everyone?

Says Who is a Danish design studio founded by Kasper Meldgaard and Nikolaj Duve. Rooted in the traditions of Scandinavian design, Says Who combines Nordic minimalism with functionality to create furniture and design solutions. Sharing their love for simplicity, the duo has collaborated with various design brands.

The studio is part of the movement of New Scandinavian Design with respect for the design heritage while reinventing it to fit the present time and environment. 

“Says Who is a question and a bold statement about challenging our traditions and expectations. It is a question we like to ask a lot. And we invite you to take part”

– Says Who

With curiosity and passion for discovering new ways forward, they create designs with clean lines and geometrical shapes. This dedication recurs in the Barn cabinet and their most recent design to the WOUD collection, the Array series, which beautifully communicates the characteristic lines found in modern architecture.