Get to know the visionary soul behind Studio DEJAWU

The Stockholm-based STUDIO DEJAWU was founded in 2015 by Qian Jiang. Born in Suzhou, China, he brings a unique blend of international design approaches to his work. His design philosophy is characterised by a harmonious balance between functionality and form, combining elements from various design traditions.

Qian Jiang holds a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Design from Jiangnan University, China. He further pursued his passion for design by studying a Master's Programme in Industrial Design at Lund University, Sweden. Having studied and worked in both China and Sweden, he has gained a deep understanding of both Eastern and Western design principles.

He describes his design process as akin to writing a diary, where he explores memories through experimental practices with materials, construction and finishes.

“Creating meaningful and honest products as a memory container is our biggest interest, including furniture design, product design and art.”

With this approach, he presents products in a narrative way, resulting in timeless and visually strong designs and art installations that reflect a story and serve as a comprehensive source of inspiration.