Natural rugs, woven by hand

In our products, in our work and in our approach, honesty is paramount to us. Our products’ honesty is reflected in the material chosen. It should not look like something else. It should not look like something it is not. Therefore, we have chosen not to dye the wool for our Tact rugs. Giving each rug, a fine and unique play of colour.

Made from organic wool, the medley of the natural yarn gives the individual Tact its very own grey colour nuance. Therefore, you will experience slight variations in colour from rug to rug. 
The grey nuance of Tact is created from a combination of white, grey and charcoal wool, mixed in fixed ratios. During the seasons of the year, the wool texture, quality and colour slightly vary, affected by natural factors such as the breed, the environment the sheep lives in and the nutrition it gets.

Especially the four different shearing seasons impact the shades of the wool produced. Let us give you an example; In the Winter season, the white wool appears as off-white, slightly differing from pure white. While the Summer season offers the purest white wool. This gives the yarn producer different types of wool available during the year. From lot to lot, we mix the yarn in different proportions to achieve the original defined grey Tact colour.
But with natural materials in our hands, each rug will live its own unique and authentic colourway.