Honest textiles

Studio MLR is behind our new textile collection named Weave. For more than thirty years, Marie-Louise Rosholm has run her own studio. She has worked in Milano and now in Copenhagen with textiles, colours and trends as her area of expertise. Our new collection consists of three woven throws and nine classic weave patterned cushions in matching colours. All designed by Marie-Louise Rosholm.

“I wanted to design a collection of cushions that uses classic weave patterns as its main element”

– Marie-Louise Rosholm

The cushions are designed with emphasis on the patterns as “it is the fabric that makes the difference,” says Marie-Louise. The cushions are made for the home with their soft shapes and velvety feel and instead of making the zip invisble, it has been a deliberate choice to have it on the front. “I wanted to use the zip as a graphic design element instead of hiding it”. The zips are coloured to stand out from the fabric and match the different woven cushions and throws in the collection.

Besides the choice of modern, calm colours, it has been important for Marie-Louise Rosholm to develop a series of cushions that feels good. “The cushion should embrace and soothe you with its quality yarn, soft zip and plump shapes”. The sizes of the cushions are also designed to keep the waste of fabric to an absolute minimum in order for you to feel good as well. The aim has been to create an honest, simple and long lasting series of cushions that with its classic weave patterns and different colours can be combined in various ways. After a thorough product development process, we are very proud to launch our very first textile collection.

Our new woven collection consists of three different cushions named after the patterns on the cushions; Canvas, Diamond and Herringbone. The inner cushions are made from recycled plastic bottles that has been transformed into comfortable, fluffy and allergy-friendly fillings. These are covered in Oeko-Tex certified fabric, which makes the entire series of cushions honest from the inside and out. The cushions have been designed in Denmark, woven in Belgium and sewn in Bulgaria - and are now ready to get out in the world again.

OEKO-TEX® standard 100 certified. Tested for harmful substances.