ARC tables

Arc takes its name from the mathematical concept of a smooth curve joining two points in a circle. The design is a result of the Danish design duo's, Ditte Vad and Julie Begtrup, ambition of creating a beautiful place to hide the everyday mess.

The choice of material and techniques are rooted in the traditional Scandinavian design heritage. Covered in dark grey, the bottom of the inside storage space elegantly complements the wooden material while the three-legged construction adds a playful and light touch to the geometric shaped design.

Arc is an honest and functional design inviting to a dynamic interaction between the design and its user. By simply rotating half of the circular lid, the expression of the table is ever changeable. Use one finger to turn the upper table top. Let it be open to display your favourite objects or close the lid to hide your mess. 

“We strongly believe that interaction is important, because it contributes to stimulate the tactile sense which affect the way we experience the world”

– Ditte Vad and Julie Begtrup


The two Danish design talents studied together and found that they shared the same aesthetic sense, view on materials and expressions in their design. With a belief that designers have the opportunity to improve the surroundings, they aim to create honest and functional design that allows a dynamic interaction between the design and its user. 

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