Experimental and interactive designs

Oleg Pugachev, originally from Russia, is based in Berlin. Living in Germany for more than half of his life, he graduated from the Berlin-Weißensee School of Art and Design in 2013. With his degree in product design, he started to work for international architects and design studios until 2015, when he established his own studio focusing on furniture design.

When designing, he believes that a design process is always determined by a mix of interdependent factors such as material, function, technology and aesthetics. He is driven by the fact that the proportions always vary from project to project and that the recipe is not fully known in advance. Making his individual intuition an essential part of his approach.

An approach that echoes the expression and design process of the Jeu de dés candle holders. “I wanted to design a small item with a clear function. Working with 3D software as my primary sketchbook allowed me to form an inquiring and open-minded design process. An approach that resulted in a dynamic design,” Oleg Pugachev explains.

The Jeu de dés candle holders demonstrate true versatility by showcasing a surprising interplay of smooth geometric shapes. With their various opportunities for adding different candles or using them as an aesthetic sculpture on their own, the elegant objects allow you to have a playful approach while styling them to personalise your own composition.