Using design to communicate and express stories

Beaverhausen is a Brussels-based design studio founded by Mimy A. Diar and Ad Luijten. Both have a background as Art Directors in the communication industry, which is expressed in the strong sense of storytelling that is reflected in all their designs. After a career in advertising, the couple decided to use their acquired skills for their true calling: design.

“We see our work as telling stories that manifest themselves in furniture, objects, lighting and interiors”

– Beaverhausen

Beaverhausen creates visual stories that manifest in furniture, accessories, lighting and interiors. Every project has its own topic emphasizing on the context of use, manufacturing process or on a more poetic source of inspiration. They are always aiming to create a story that connects to its surroundings in a simple and engaging way.

LU pendant is the design studio’s first lighting design. The pendant is all about two contrasting forms and their interaction with each other. The combination of these two distinctive shapes results in an appealing design that is perfectly balanced: modest in a formal setting and playful in a more vibrant environment.