Booknd - Brown

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Made of smooth, solid marble, Booknd communicates an immediate and naturally beautiful aesthetic. With its graphic forms, the bookends emphatically combine soft, cylindrical shapes with consistent, straight lines, resulting in two decorative objects that have a visible mutual relationship. Although the Booknds are separated by books, they will always be visually connected, which strongly enhances the unity of the objects. A set of Booknd consists of one small and one large bookend.

Designed by Roel Vandebeek
User-centred design, tactility, sustainability and simplicity with a touch of originality. These are some of the aspects reflecting the work of the experienced, Belgian designer and artist Roel Vandebeek. Since the very beginning of his career, he has explored various spectrums within art, industrial design and interior design. A holistic view of design projects which made him establish the creative hotspot Dêpot des Arts.

Material: Solid marble
Set: 2 pcs (1 x small + 1 x large)
Country of origin: China

Length: 6,4/10 cm
Depth: 12/13,2 cm
Height: 12/18,5 cm

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