Philip Bro_WOUD

Proof that serious design can still be playful and unexpected

Philip Bro is an experienced Danish designer with a drive to prove that serious design can still be stylish, playful and unexpected. After graduating from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design in 1989, he founded his own design studio in Copenhagen. He has an impressive portfolio of furniture and lighting designs, design projects and workshops at the Danish Design School and the National Institute of Design in India.

His designs are characterised by a focus on functionality with a touch of innovation. With an aim of carrying on the Scandinavian design traditions, Philip Bro creates honest design. Designed for use.

A vivid and playful approach to the development of designs is visible in his design; The Illusion hanger. The hanger is designed to tease and challenge the eye and create a moment of wonder. Inspired by the softness of beach stones, Philip Bro has also designed the Stone pendant, which symbolises two round stones on top of each other.