Holistic design

Humour, user-centred design, tactility, efficiency, sustainability, semiotics, thoughtfulness, and simplicity with a touch of originality. These are some of the aspects reflecting the work of the experienced, Belgian designer and artist Roel Vandebeek. He highly values engendering interaction through design. Encouraging to enter a dialogue.

Since the very beginning of his career, he has explored various spectrums within art, industrial design and interior design. This holistic view of design projects made Roel establish the creative hotspot Dêpot des Arts. This constellation allows him to commence and delve into projects with uncompromising possibilities and whole - heartedly ways to solve the case.

With his creative mind, he is the driving force behind the HIDN concept. A design language brought to life with the aim to approach waste reduction dif ferently while creating purposeful designs.


“I hope that this new way of thinking and handling of new products can be seen as an inspiration to think about other issues in the same open way. I believe that the role of designers more and more is to reach new ways of solving problems rather than it is only designing new things,” Roel explains.


Therefore, he encourage to let the HIDN concept be an ambassador for positive problem-solving by enjoying reasonable products with a thoughtful story.