Dedicated to the Scandinavian simplicity

Johanna Hartikainen is a young and upcoming Finnish designer and interior architect based in Helsinki. Inspired by nature and its phenomenons, she has a playful approach to design combined with a dedication to the Scandinavian simplicity.

Lunar is her first launched piece which debuted at the Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair’s Greenhouse in 2019. The design sparked a love at first sight reaction and we are proud to present Johanna Hartikainen’s first design in our WOUD collection.

Her fascination with the forms in nature reveals in the design of the Lunar pendant. Inspired by the night sky. Embracing modern architectonic design while honoring the ancient astronomic observations. The three halos circling the opal glass sphere illustrate the cycle of waning and waxing moons and create an impression of a glorious full moon.