Christine Rathmann_WOUD_Designer

Meet the German designer, Christine

Christine Rathmann is a talented German designer. After graduating in industrial design from the Muthesius Academy of Fine Art, she has established a name for herself as a furniture and interior designer.

Living a life close to Scandinavia has become a source of inspiration for Christine Rathmann. The clean lines of the Scandinavian design tradition are the essence of her designs. Pure and timeless. With a touch of poetry and aesthetic details, she aims to find direct access to the observer. Appreciating interaction.

Christine Rathmann shares a little piece of her inner world with her designs, that reflects her thoughts, wonders and feelings. Together with this, her intuition plays an important role in her dynamic design process.

“For me as a designer, inspiration is limitless and comes from everywhere at any time”
– Christine Rathmann

Christine Rathmann has put her fascination of interaction into the flexible clothes rack, O&O. The distinctive feature of the O&O rack is the two separate elements in different heights and widths. Beautiful on their own or as a merged unit. Attributing a non-static and dynamic character to the design, intended to serve the daily needs as a flexible object for individual and changing requirements.