Tray Shelf: Designed from an aesthetic sustainable mindset

Hanne Willmann is the designer behind our shelving system Tray Shelf. Hanne works from her design studio in the capital of Germany. The place where her ideas can grow and where drafts and drawings turn into actual designs. ‘With an open mind and a strong dedication to the craft, I am determined to fully reveal the essence of every piece I come across,’ says Hanne Willmann. The studio was also the setting for the initials thoughts for the Tray Shelf as ‘I needed a flexible space to place my collection of vases into a shelf,’ explains Hanne Willmann. The ideas was to design a shelving system that was more than merely convenient. It should be highly satisfying from an aesthetic point of view as well.Her passion for aesthetic simplicity is expressed in a streamlined collection of designs. A shared feature of her collection is the consistent timelessness. According to Hanne Willmann ‘the most sustainable products are those you have a long life cycle, which is achieved through the use of materials, the quality of the product and through the emotions that the product can evoke. Only if a product affects us in an emotional way, we want to keep it for our whole life, maybe even pass it on as a heritage. This is true sustainability’. Tray Shelf is designed with this sustainable mindset and with the intention of staying functional and beautiful as time goes past. Its simple expression and elegant materials are made for use for many years to come. 

“My designs reveal a profound fascination for details and emphasise the high value I place on aesthetic appeal”

– Hanne Willmann

The straight lines, aesthetic symmetry and simple expression are the mainstay of the shelving system designed by Hanne Willmann. With shelves in two widths, Tray Shelf allows you to make it vivid and personal. Take the trays and place them on the different levels in the metal frame until you have the arrangement you like. Gaps in the shelving systems are created by moving the small trays, which allow taller objects to be placed in the open space.

Available with either black pained or natural oak wood shelves. Choose to blend the different shelves in the metal frame system or keep it simple with one of a kind. Tray Shelf is constructed with two wide and one short tray for the low console table and four wide and two short trays for the tall shelving system.