Meet the two creative minds behind POIAT Studio

Poiat is an established architecture and design office based in Helsinki. founded by Antti Rouhunkoski and Timo Mikkonen. The designers met at the University of Art and Design in Helsinki and merged their passion for clean design into Poiat in 2010. They specialise in interior architecture, product design, design concepts and consulting. In 2014, Poiat launched its very first furniture collection.

With the simple philosophy of design, creating a strong atmosphere and vision, they aim to design beautiful objects with architectonic lines. The designs reveal a fascination for details, shapes and aesthetic appeal.

The design of the Coupé shelves allows it to be used for multiple purposes and spaces. Creating powerful atmospheres. With the sculptural and frame-like structure, the Coupé shelves work well even when empty and provide an example of the belief that aesthetics can outweigh functionalism if something simply feels and looks great. Combining art and design.