Tray Shelf (High) - Walnut

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Tray Shelf is a vivid shelving system with straight lines, aesthetic symmetry and simple expression. Designed to create various possible arrangements of the tray making the shelving system dynamic and personal by choosing your favourite tray combination. Take the trays and place them on the different levels in the frame. Gaps in the shelving system are created by moving the small trays, which allow taller objects to be placed in the open space.

Designed by Hanne Willmann
A dynamic German designer with her own multidisciplinary design studio based in Berlin. She has an impressive portfolio of furniture and lighting designs, projects, jury memberships and workshops at the University of Arts, Berlin. Her designs reveal a profound fascination for details and emphasise a distinctive aesthetic appeal. Read more about the designer.

Frame: Black painted metal
Trays: Black painted oak and walnut
Endcaps: Black plastic

Tray configurations:
Style 1: All walnut shelves
Style 2: Walnut: 1 short + 2 wide. Black: 1 short + 2 wide
Style 3: Walnut: 2 wide. Black: 2 wide + 2 short
Style 4: Walnut: 2 short + 2 wide. Black: 2 wide
Style 5: Walnut: 1 short. Black: 1 short + 4 wide
Style 6: Walnut: 1 short + 4 wide. Black: 1 short
Style 7: Walnut: 2 short. Black: 4 wide
Style 8: Walnut: 4 wide. Black: 2 short
Country of origin: Vietnam

Width: 100 cm
Depth: 40 cm
Height: 201 cm

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