Revealing aesthetic sustainability through timeless design 

Hanne Willmann is a dynamic German designer with her own multidisciplinary design studio based in Berlin. She has an impressive portfolio of furniture and lighting designs, projects, jury memberships and workshops at the University of the Arts, Berlin. Her designs reveal a profound fascination for details and emphasise the high-value aesthetic appeal.

With an open mind and a strong dedication to the craft, Hanne Willmann is determined to fully reveal the essence of every piece she comes across. This meticulousness is visible in her understanding of materials, colour and innovative production techniques. A shared feature for her designs is the consistent timelessness.

“The most sustainable products are those who have a long life cycle, which is achieved through the use of materials, the quality of the product and the emotions that the product can evoke”
– Hanne Willmann

Tray Shelf is designed with this sustainable mindset and with the intention of staying functional and beautiful as time goes past. Its simple expression, elegant materials and solid construction are made for use for many years to come.