Established in 2014.

The founders, Mia and Torben Koed, decided to put their 30 years of experience into a new project. It was time for a change and a new challenge. The challenge was to build an ambitious design brand from the ground up with high-quality materials and great attention to the little details. With a drive to create new originals, the WOUD collection is founded upon the idea to look ahead instead of looking back and share the love for honest design. Therefore, we are eager to discover and develop new ideas whether it being in form, function or choice of material. 



The envision of a collective of upcoming talents and established designers carrying the Scandinavian tradition into a new era of furniture design sparked the beginning


We wanted to explore what the designers of tomorrow were able to come up with. Today, we collaborate with some of the brightest upcoming and experienced designers from a wide range of countries. All the way from Japan to Canada. Each designer has his or her own expression but together they share a modern interpretation of the Scandinavian simplicity.

Five division in a coherent collection

The thoughts and dreams of establishing a new design brand began to flourish long before 2014. It started in a tiny room filled with big ideas. Soon, we had to move out but we took our ideas with us. With the 2015 launch, our dream turned into reality. Since then, there have been some significant landmarks on our journey. From the beginning, the aim was to have five independent divisions within the collection. In 2018, we launched our first outdoor series making it the last of the five divisions:


Our mission is simple. We create timeless design with great attention to quality, simplicity and honesty. Designs that are made for you - and made for use. 

Our vision is clear. We want to share our love for honest design. We believe timeless design can express personalities, evoke feelings, inspire people and create beautiful spaces. With a broad and deep selection of scandinavian furniture and home accessories, we want to bring modern design into the homes of people worldwide.

The world outside our doors is complicated enough as it is. The home should be a place for comfort and well-being. Modern design can provide and create such feelings. Our take on simple expressions and functionalities in our range of furniture and accessories should make the home a little less complicated and a little more beautiful. We aim to keep it this way.