Office KN by Kasper Nyman

Kasper Nyman is a dynamic Finnish designer. After completing his Master from Aalto University in furniture design, 2014, he decided to put his great passion for furniture design into his own studio ‘Office KN’ located in Helsinki. Since the founding of WOUD, Kasper Nyman has been part of the design team with items such as Pause, Tail Wing and Mono.

He designs from a strong idea with great attention to identity, functionality and quality. With a significant focus on material and construction. 

“I strive to challenge myself and the materials used in order to create products that comprehend the modern Scandinavian design and visual simplicity”

– Kasper Nyman

The Mono series is an example of the drive for challenging design combined with a clean and simple expression. With clear aesthetics and an innovative spirit in mind, Kasper Nyman designed the Mono series. Designed from the idea of folding wood like a piece of paper into a cone shape, which challenges traditional thinking and production.

Kasper Nyman’s work with natural wooden materials and simple aesthetics recur in the Pause series and the Tail Wing hooks. With the choice of colour, soft shapes and elegant lines, his range of products carry on the modern Scandinavian design tradition.