Leonard Aldenhoff_WOUD_Designer

Get to know the designer of the Stedge shelf


Leonard Aldenhoff is a young and talented designer born in Germany. His background as a trained industrial mechanic and industrial designer combines know-how with creativity and aesthetics. Inspired by technical and geometrical precision his work shows a design characterised by clear forms and selected materials.

The Stedge wall shelf was originally named ‘Stab im Brett’ and a university project within the scope of storage possibilities coached by Stefen Kehrle. In this context, Aldenhoff studied shelves which hang from the ceiling or are attached to the wall. During the design process, he decided to create a wall shelf because of its usability, stability and easy installation for consumers. The final product should demonstrate three main characters: Lightness, purism and a clear structure.

In 2015, the ‘Stab im Brett’ shelf was presented for the first time by Leonard Aldenhoff at a small stand. One year later, it was launched once again at IMM Cologne. Now at the WOUD stand with the name ‘Stedge’.