Jeanette Holdgaard_WOUD_Designer

Meet the local Danish designer

Jeanette Holdgaard is a talented Danish designer. She graduated from VIA University College with a Bachelor specialising in Design and Furniture. Today she runs her own design studio and practice, Loke.Studio. Other than designing furniture and lighting, Jeanette has a great passion for painting colourful and graphic artwork.

With a modern expression in mind, she aims to create graphical and sculptural designs that reflect the perception of society. Jeanette Holdgaard has great attention to the promotion of new design language and combine art and design.

“Art and design are both very similar but are often mistaken for being two opposites”
- Jeanette Holdgaard

Today, the WOUD collection includes two of Jeanette’s beautiful designs: The Mercury wall lamp and the Hoop rack. Both designs combine the round, soft shapes with clean graphical lines, which is a distinctive feature of her work. A feature that creates and allows the designs to be both functional and a piece of everyday art.