Using design to communicate and express stories

Beaverhausen is a Brussels-based design studio founded by Mimy A. Diar and Ad Luijten. Both have a background as Art Directors in the communication industry, which is expressed in the strong sense of storytelling that is reflected in all their designs. After a career in advertising, the couple decided to use their acquired skills for their true calling: design.

“We see our work as telling stories that manifest themselves in furniture, objects, lighting and interiors”

– Beaverhausen

Beaverhausen creates visual stories that manifest in furniture, accessories, lighting and interiors. Every project has its own topic emphasizing on the context of use, manufacturing process or on a more poetic source of inspiration. They are always aiming to create a story that connects to its surroundings in a simple and engaging way.

The studio’s design, the Praline poufs and benches, are inspired by a treat from their home country, Belgium. Drawn from an outline of small, filled chocolates, the Praline pouf forms a well-composed and bold silhouette that appears instantly recognisable.