Logs mirror - 5 mirrors

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The name ‘Logs’ stems from the designer’s source of inspiration, found in the calmness of the Nordic birch forests. Embodying the repetition of numerous trees, this aesthetically versatile piece echoes the identical shape of the mirrors. Simultaneously static yet softly organic. The individual mirrors can be placed at different heights to obtain a wavy effect, allowing you to construct a personalised expression.

Designed by VOSDING Industrial Design
VOSDING Industrial Design, located in Cologne, was established by Peter Otto Vosding in 2017. Recognised as a German Design Award Newcomer Finalist, the studio specialises in furniture and lighting. Their design philosophy emphasises a seamless fusion of function, elegance and value, anchored in a logical approach. Read more about the designer.

Materials: 1 smoked, 1 bronze and 3 clear mirrors glass
Mounting: Two wall brackets included
The mirrors can be placed both horizontally and vertically
Choose from five different heights for the individual mirrors

Height: 115 cm
Depth: 2.5 cm
Width: 60 cm

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