Arkiv bookend

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Together with a row of books Arkiv forms a small graphic ensemble of arches and blocks. Inspired by the function and aesthetic of the classic architectural arches and columns. With its vivid shape, the bookend catches the light and throws harmonious shadows revealing a fascinating and delightful piece to the eye. Lean your favourite books against Arkiv, lay it horizontal to function as a paper press or use it as a decorative piece of art.

Designed by Ella Shegai
Ella Shegai is a young designer based in Norway, born in Siberia. With a background in art history, she implements cross-cultural styles, motives and associations in the product design context. She has an aesthetic and playful approach to design, exploring the versatility of shapes and structures. Read about the designer.

Material: Solid concrete
Country of origin: China

Length: 15 cm
Depth: 8 cm
Height: 20.5 cm

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