Learn about the natural and rich material, Travertine

Agnes Morguet is the designer of our La Terra tables. Inspired by nature, she introduced WOUD to the travertine material. A material formed by soft limestone. Being a natural and delicate stone material, no surface will be the same. Leading to a truly beautiful variation of the darkness and structure in the surfaces. From tabletop to tabletop.  

Within the production of the tabletops, various steps have to be conducted. When the manufacturer receives the travertine, naturally diminutive holes appear on the surface. Therefore, we apply a filler in a complementing colour to offer a smooth finish. When the travertine is even, it is treated with a suitable surface treatment. Making it more durable for use.  

With the La Terra tables, you get your own unique table made from rich materials. Even though the tabletop has been given a surface treatment, we do recommend you to handle it with care. For daily care use a clean, damp cloth followed by a dry cloth or simply just dust off the surface. We also emphasize that you do not use any cleaning detergents or other chemicals as these can discolour the surface. If you have any questions about the care of travertine, have a look at our care guide under downloads or contact us.