Aniline leather; An exclusive material with a unique story

When working with leather, you receive a piece called a hide. After the hide has been tanned, but before it is finished, you split it into layers mechanically. The top grain is the high-quality part of the leather, which is used in the making of furniture among other things. Separated from the top grain is what is called the split. This is used to produce suede and other leather products. These splits are not considered high-quality leather as the material is not as strong as top grain leather. 

Therefore, top grain leather is the only leather type available at WOUD. We have selected three varieties that go under the names Silk, Tundra and Genova; these are aniline leathers and provided by CAMO Leathers. Aniline refers to the dyes that are used in the making of the final product and is known for its little to no surface treatment, resulting in a very high seating comfort since the leather is allowed to breathe.

The aniline finish is only suitable for high-quality leather types as any visible pores, scares or other blemishes will remain visible due to the minimal surface treatment. These natural markings are what contributes to its exclusive and true appearance. 

Because of the minimum amount of surface treatment, the aniline leather is prone to staining and will eventually darken and create a beautiful patina over time. All of this eventually leads to an exclusive leather product with its own unique story.

 How to tell the aniline leather types apart:

Silk: Modern, sleek leather with a silky touch

Tundra: Soft, natural, waxed surface

Genova: Classic and elegant pure aniline leather with a unique soft touch


For all the leather types, mentioned above, it is common to have natural markings which will contribute to a natural look. All the leather types that is used at WOUD have been produced without the use of PCP and CFC, as these chemicals are harmful to the environment.