Minimalistic design rooted in the Scandinavian design culture

Tina Schmidt is a Danish designer, living and working in Prague. With a degree in Furniture Design from TEKO, VIA University and an education as an occupational therapist, she combines aesthetic appreciation and a fine understanding of how people interact with products. Resulting in user-centred design, that highlights the interaction between the product and its user.

In her design process, she analyses the user’s everyday life to uncover conscious as well as unconscious needs and transform them into meaningful and functional designs. Rooted in the minimalistic Scandinavian design tradition, her design language combines functionality, form and aesthetics with the aim to create designs that will last for generations.

Capturing the essence of beautiful design, Tina Schmidt’s first design in the WOUD collection is Mountain. Made of solid travertine, Mountain comes as a magazine holder and a paperweight. The aesthetic magazine holder encourages you to store or display your favourite magazines and coffee table books. While the paper weight is great to set on top of books or as a sculptural object in a shelving system.