Danish, high-quality design - created from a dedication to materials

Terkel Skou Steffensen is a Danish designer with the envision of creating functional designs made for easy integration in homes and public spaces. After graduating from ECAL in Switzerland, he decided to put his passion for design into his own design studio in 2016. Specializing in lighting, furniture and interior design, he has collaborated with various Scandinavian design brands.

He strives to develop understandable and relatable design for all with a belief that the character of an object should be determined by its function - not the other way around. One important aspect of Terkel Skou’s design process is to utilise the materials as good as possible.

The dedication to materials recurs in his design Racket Tray. All the details are designed in order to highlight the quality and aesthetics of solid wood. The round edges inside the tray both take it comfortably to touch, but also show the beautiful grain of the wood in the best possible way. With its simple design, the tray works well in various contexts in the home.