Meet Agnes Morguet

The designer of La Terra tables

Agnes Morguet appears as a flourishing designer from Germany. Her background as a trained carpenter and interior architect combines craftsmanship, art and aesthetics, resulting in designs that enrich atmospheres and arouse emotions.

With an aim to inspire, delight and touch people emotionally, her creations are characterised as clear, elegant and natural. Her approach to the design process is holistic, which reveals in her ability to find inspiration in everything that surrounds her.

Everything I see,
feel, smell and hear
inspires me

- Agnes Morguet

Inspired by nature

Agnes Morguet's strongest source of inspiration is nature, adoring its shapes, materials and perfect imperfection. She believes that people actively are seeking nature and the tranquillity it offers. This is clearly reflected in her designs. The La Terra tables are no exception.

With La Terra, she aimed to reflect the experience and tranquillity of a barefoot walk on soft pebbles. The design beautifully embraces the organic shapes and muted colours of these stones found in the vigorous landscape, while the infinite variants of the natural stones recur in smooth, floating shapes of the three tabletops made from the limestone travertine.

La Terra
occasional tables

As the name reveals, the design is strongly inspired by the organic shapes, natural, rich materials and appealing colours found in nature. Made from Travertine, every surface is unique as the play of colours varies in the material, selected to bring a touch of nature and calm into any space. With three different available sizes and heights, the table can be placed as a single piece or entire landscapes can be created.