Sharing reinventions of Basque furniture and craftsmanship

The Spanish Silvia Ceñal is a talented designer. Her studies in both Spain, Holland and Italy have given her a wide and varied sense and knowledge. In 2015, with a drive to mark her name in the design world, she started her journey creating her own design studio in San Sebastian.

Inspired by the versatility of materials and joy of colours, her creations reveal curiosity and an experimental approach to design and materials. She takes pride in researching and exploring distinctive techniques from the most innovative to the most tradition-bounded. When entering new projects, she designs from three pillars. Functionality. Simplicity. Versatility.

These three principles are reflected in the Piezas dining table. The design elegantly combines wood and metal, created to give a sense of simplicity and a strong silhouette. With its dynamic construction, Piezas is extensible and allows you to store the extension under the tabletop.