Meet the Stockholm based Gustav Rosén


Gustav Rósen is a Swedish designer with a drive to create functional and beautiful design. After graduating from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, he established his own design studio in 2014 specialising in furniture and lightning design.

With clear aesthetics in mind, Gustav Rósen challenged himself to create a clothes hook that complies with three criteria. It should be like a small sculpture. It should not look like a traditional hook. It must be functional. The Eileen hook became the result. Named after Eileen Gray, the great designer and pioneer of the modern movement in architecture.

Eileen is designed to create a visual effect as the viewer perceives a body even though it is only the outlines that are visible. The hook is surprisingly versatile. Clothing can both be hung over the hook and several hangers can easily be suspended in the structure. So each hook has that extra capacity to store more clothes.