Build your own Elevate shelving system

With our online 3D configurator you can start building your own shelving system from scratch or rearrange our predefined systems.

Elevate shelving system has endless possibilities and with our configurator you get to explore and discover the number of permutations easily. You can visualise the combinations, change the length and height and choose between white pigmented oak, black painted oak or in a combination. When entering the configurator you can choose one of our predefined system or just begin with a blank canvas. 
Visit the configurator here and unleash your creativity. 
Customise your system
We have developed five different shelves, a desk plate and five dowels it is just up to you to choose and design the combination of these.

Elevate components, drawings

Use the bottom dowels to lift the shelves from the ground, the connectors to make space in between and the top dowels to complete the system. We have chosen to box the different components individually in order for you to customise the exact shelving you want - matching your needs and taste. 

The shelving system is designed to be assembled with your bare hands. Just stack the shelves, tighten the dowels and elevate it without the use of any tools. Making Elevate simple to rearrange when your preferences, interior or needs change.