Knaegt coat rack - White pigmented oak/cognac

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Knaegt is a coat rack and hat shelf in combination with elegant aesthetics. The simple repetition of wooden sticks with a leather cord passing through makes the coat rack dynamic as the line created by the sticks change depending on what is hung on the rack. Each stick functions as a hanger. The coat rack is modern in its expression but the vivid leather is what gives Knaegt its character.

Designed by Rikke Palmerston
A talented upcoming designer born in Denmark. The work of the young designer is characterised by simple lines, powerful expressions and pure functionalities. With a profound love for the wooden material and attention to sustainability, she creates classic yet innovative products rooted in the Danish design heritage. Read more about the designer.

Colour: Oak
Materials: White pigmented oak with cognac leather and brass screws
Weight on shelf: Max 10 kg
Country of origin: Lithuania

Length: 87.50 cm
Width: 28.50 cm
Height: 3.50 cm

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