Elevate shelving - system 2

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Elevate is a modular shelving system with endless possibilities. With different shelves and dowels, Elevate can be expanded and assembled in an unlimited number of permutations without the use of any tools. Just stack the shelves, tighten the dowels and then elevate them. The different elements are boxed individually in order for you to customise the exact shelving you want - matching your needs. Use it for boxes, office supplies, works of art or plants.

Designed by Camilla Akersveen and Christopher Konings
An upcoming and talented design duo born in Norway. They aim to create designs that are both playful and aesthetic while being multifunctional and suitable for daily life. The designs are characterised by simplicity and clean lines rooted in the Scandinavian design heritage. Read more about the designer.

Shelves: White pigmented lacquered/black painted oak veneer
Dowels: White pigmented lacquered/black painted solid oak and metal screws and threads
Mounting: Metal bracket for mounting the system to the wall included
Weight on shelf: Max 40 kg
Tools: No need for that
Country of origin: Lithuania

Length: 120 cm
Depth: 40 cm
Height: 78.70 cm

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