An honest fascination of the botanics shapes evolved to the modular sofa, Flora

Yonoh is behind our new modular sofa named Flora. Yonoh is a creative studio based in Valencia, Spain, founded by Clara del Portillo and Alex Selma. The two met as young designers and today, their collaborative workspace captures the vibrant colors of the city outside. “People say our design is very Scandinavian. We like to think that we mix the purity of this style with a little Mediterranean daring,” says Clara del Portillo. Simplicity, innovation and originality, without extravagance, is the backbone to their design philosophy. Their versatility and adaptability are the cornerstones of the work done in their studio.
The two designers have found their inspiration of the Flora sofa in the natural shapes of vegetation. From how the petals of flowers grow in organic ways. With this concept in mind, Yonoh wanted to design and develop a modular sofa with outlines of a petal flower without losing its ability to compose perfectly. “The subtle detail of the union between the backrest and the seat is the base point from where the design grows,” explain designers Clara del Portillo and Alex Selma.

“We wanted to develop a modular sofa with organic shapes without losing its ability to compose perfectly”

– Yonoh

The distinctive detail of Flora is the curved shapes outlined by an elegant black piping that marks the contour of the sofa. This is what gives Flora its expressive character. Whether as a stand alone module or combining different modules, the low backrest and deep seat provide a lounging and open feel while offering maximum comfort. The four modules can be customised in various ways to suit different rooms and purposes. Create a casual corner in a private home or lavish lounge areas in public spaces. Combine two corners for a love seat or expand with one or more middle modules to make space for the entire family. Flora rests on low wooden feet, which makes it hover above the floor and lightens its sturdy expression. Numerous high quality upholstery options and colours allow you to give your Flora a personal expression.

Four modules. Various combinations.