Muse mirror

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Muse is a graphic and versatile design. A mirror. A jewellery holder - and an aesthetic decoration. Designed with the purpose to create a small object that combines several functions and still reveals a simple and discreet design. The circular base is ideal for make-up and small objects while the wired structure allows you to store jewellery and accessories. The circular shape recurs in the rotating mirror forming a harmonious creation.

Designed by Laurene Bourgeron
Laurene Bourgeron is a dynamic designer from France. In her native city of Bordeaux, she graduated in design from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts. She has a comprehensive portfolio of graphic design, product development, communication and designs, which reveals a profound creative urge. Read more about the designer. 

Colour: Black
Materials: Painted metal, mirror glass
Mirror: Flexible movement
Assembly: Fully assembled

Diameter: 20 cm
Height: 43 cm

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