Meet the founder of Thackeray West Studio


Rachael Heritage is a talented designer from the United Kingdom graduated in furniture design from the Royal College of Art in London. She is the founder of the modern British furniture design studio Thackeray West Studio. Her work focuses on designing furniture that suit the modern lifestyle of domestic interior design.

Inspired by how elements relate, how shapes merge and accentuate the details, she manages to meet the demands of functionality, without compromising her profound love for minimalistic designs.

Her dedication to creating usable furniture recurs in the Utility Shelf, designed for all the things that are used in our everyday life.

“My inspiration is always a puzzle waiting to be solved. I reinvent the purpose of the piece of furniture, considering its function in a different way that would better suit our modern way of living,”

- Rachael Heritage

She believes in a strong need to recapture the qualities and values of the past’s use of craftsmanship in combination with contemporary methods of manufacturing when evolving the next generation of aesthetic design.