Use less, design better

Mario Tsai is a renowned and accomplished designer. After graduating from Beijing Forestry University, he established his own design studio, Mario Tsai Studio, in 2014 developing creative design solutions, consulting services and art direction.

Use less, design better. Designing with this mantra in mind, Mario Tsai aspires to solve everyday problems with creative thinking. Allowing himself to rethink and insist that there always must be a more ingenious solution. The studio’s core function is to explore the potential attributes of materials and new production methods while adhering to sustainable design principles. Moderating concepts and manufacturing processes to use less materials with an aim to promote soft minimalism.

Mario Tsai believes everyday life and the stories it tells, should be observed carefully. Tolerating the incompleteness in the vibrant society instead of deliberately creating forced inspirational spaces. Frame dining chair is an example proving this belief. Strongly inspired by the stringent outline of the scaffolding around buildings in the Chinese cities and the idea of a solid frame supporting an entire construction.